fotografía, arquitectura y color Escribe Anantxu Zabalbeascoa una colorida reseña de un libro de título adivinatorio, tras el muro blanco. Parece que sus autores, Marina Morón (echa un ojo a su web) y Jesús Marina, han querido descubrir lo que se esconde al otro lado del ese otro tópico opuesto al de los arquitectos vestidos de negro. Puede que tras él hayan encontrado las claves de su uso o desuso. Por si las casualidades no son tales, un fotógrafo que se mueve entre la ausenci … Read More

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Alto contraste II La mala reputación. Loquillo … Read More


Street Photographs I am not sure who the photographer is, but I found the pictures to be really eye opening. They are mostly in black and white, but the few that are not are especially captivating. … Read More

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Sincerely Yours I know you are all anxiously awaiting yesterday prompt. Well, before I get to that, I will have you know I did a great job of keeping myself busy. I addressed most of my Christmas cards, ran errands, even gave a massage. How happy was I when I realized my prompt would go nicely with what I had already planned for my day? Remember how I said I addressed most of my Christmas cards? Yeah, that came into play today. I love that my email today talked … Read More

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How to Learn Photography From Others Learn photography from others? Here's how… 🙂 Photography is sometimes seen as a hobby that is "easy to learn but tough to master". Even the most experienced professional photographers would be hesitant to claim that they know everything about photography as many would seem like a "fish out of water" when asked questions outside their normal niche. One of the best ways to improve your images is to learn as much as possible about the art and sc … Read More

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