please, do not step on the law. The transition from spending two weeks in a tiny Brazilian village with a half-local, to embarking a cross-country sightseeing venture with an American family is quite dramatic.  A constant cycle of packing and unpacking, taking pictures, going to the airport, eating amazing things, waiting for delayed flights, seeing amazing things, going going going. Good internet connection, no internet connection, too-expensive internet connection.  I love Ar … Read More

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London's Snow Day If you haven't been stranded due to cancelled flights or stuck in the slow-moving traffic, you were probably enjoying the pretty snow falling over London on Saturday like me! Here's a few photos from a little walk from Earl's Court to Sloane Square… … Read More

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Nues Celebrating the female nude through a series of photos from Swiss photographer Jean Clemmer and fashion designer Paco Rabanne’s 1969 photo book, Nues.       … Read More

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Sometimes it is right to do it wrong I have spent much of the last year trying to make better images. In particular sharper images with better use of depth of field, lighting and taking great care to focus in the 'correct' place. The most obvious example would be focussing on the eyes in a portrait. I think my technical skill has improved greatly over the course of the year, practising really does help. However… Last night I took my kids to the park, it was windy and I was just pl … Read More

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340/365 - Bokeh Galore! **Wednesday, December 15 Yesterday was the most perfect day ever. I woke up, made pancake batter and went over to surprise Elliot because it was his birthday. His parents stopped over to eat with us too. We then headed to Maker's Mark Distillery, to continue on the tradition we started on his birthday last year at Four Roses. It was so beautiful out there, but unfortunately my camera battery died after just a few minutes of the tour. After the to … Read More

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Las mejores fotos del año 2010, según Reuters Conflictos armados, dramas, tragedias naturales y deporte. La agencia Reuters ha seleccionado las mejores fotografías del año. Pinche aquí para ver la galería completa [caption id="attachment_1 … Read More

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Diana Mines. Mirada que interroga Pedro da Cruz Observando las fotografías de Diana Mines desde una perspectiva histórica, se puede constatar que están firmemente ancladas en la contemporaneidad. Lejos de la fotografía modernista que contaba una “historia”. Como en el caso de las instantáneas “realistas” de Henri Cartier-Bresson y Robert Capa, el beso de una pareja en la calle, o la caída de un soldado herido, ambos ejemplos de una autenticidad que ha despertado dudas. O las foto … Read More

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